Honey and cinnamon to lose weight

     There are many questions in which people wonder if they can lose weight with these foods. Why are such questions asked? for one reason only: because there is absolutely nothing in nature to do these things. It is true that there are products (such as green tea, Plantago ovata, fiber …) that help (and much) to achieve the difficult goals of losing two or three dimensions.

     But from here to a simple nocturnal herbal tea (which consists of this diet) allows you to lose a kilogram or more per week, it goes a long and very big.

     Experts say that this diet must have in its composition a herbal tea, before going to bed made with honey and cinnamon to lose weight, is born from a larger program. This idea came to a Scottish nutrition expert named Stuart Mclnnes and he published it in his book The Hibernation Diet.

     People need to know that this diet is not easy because it does not work on its own. It is literally impossible. The pages of the book explain and offer solid advice with more than proven effectiveness for losing weight.

     Honey and cinnamon are also included in this plan. Let’s break down some of these ideas proposed by Stuart Mclnnes:

  • Nowadays, specialists also recommend people to replace sugar with honey. Very good from Mr. Mclnnes, because, without affecting the properties of molasses, honey has 80 calories less than sugar, apart from traces of B vitamins and discrete amounts of some minerals.
  • In addition to this very important advice, it is also recommended to consume a minimum of sweets, pastries and even honey throughout the day, as in any diet carried out with common sense and honesty.
  • And last but not least, experts recommend that people eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

     So what’s the news? Well, simply that at the end of the day, a herbal tea made with honey and cinnamon is recommended. The properties of these two foods help (only help) to achieve the proposed goals. But how?

     Properties of honey and cinnamon to lose weight

     And then why are there testimonies of some people who say that they tried honey and cinnamon to lose weight successfully? Because it’s just as easy to follow the sensitive tips in the book and then end the day with this delicious herbal tea made with cinnamon and a spoonful of honey.

     Foods that are also recognized have magnificent calming and sedative properties. And we already know that anxiety is the number one enemy of any project you have in mind.

     So, honey and cinnamon, it is not that they facilitate the burning of fats through metabolism to miraculous levels, but that they are relaxing and that makes those anxious to fall asleep. And it is also known that patients with constant insomnia have more problems coping with overweight.

     In conclusion, people need to know that any herbal tea, no matter how effective, will not help you control those extra pounds. Healthy menus with fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, you can incorporate the infusion into your routine. Just end the day with herbal tea and replace (also reduce) sugar with healthy honey.