People need to know that autophagy is the body’s ability to recycle, that is, to “swallow” substances that can be potentially dangerous to our health, such as some viruses, bacteria, poorly formed proteins, some used structures. .

     The role of this process is to continuously renew people’s cells. Thanks to this renewal, you will be able to avoid the accumulation of residual substances and components that are not optimal, in addition to their transformation into new renewed molecules, and these will be a good contribution to the functions of our body.

     Autophagy is very important for our body and, in fact, a lot of research continues on it, because there are theories that suggest that it may have benefits on some types of cancer, on autoimmune diseases, very important benefits on the microbiota …

     To give you an idea of ​​how autophagy occurs, it would all start with an instrument that the cell uses, microscopic vesicles called autophagosomes.

     Microscopic vesicles act similarly to a household vacuum cleaner, moving through the inside of the cell and absorbing what we cannot use to our advantage. With this process, you will be able to transform everything that is “unfavorable and dangerous” into energy and essential molecules. With this process, you will be able to paste all the cells in a perfect state in the body.

     What does autophagy have to do with fasting?

     People need to know that fasting is that “window” of hours without eating food and that makes us rest our body, cleanse and regenerate. Experts in the field say that this is a way to accentuate autophagy in our body, so that we can cause our body to naturally increase its ability to generate autophagy and, consequently, we have all those benefits that we have. commented above.

     There are 2 types of positions: intermittent and longest. With them we will be able to recycle our body and get cleaner cells without having to spend so much energy, in addition to improving its regeneration and eliminating all substances that can be harmful. .

     This scientific reasoning about how a fasting process regenerates our body, cleanses it and makes it work much better, is something that has been discussed for years, because although fasting is a current issue, it is a millennial technique. .

     To benefit from a post with multiple benefits, you must eat dinner as early as possible. Making a fasting window of at least 12 hours is a gift for your body.